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Independent Retirement Living

What is a Continuing Care Retirement Community or CCRC?

A CCRC combines all four levels of care: independent living, assisted living, intermediate nursing care and skilled nursing are in a single setting. The newest addition to Grace Village is the Rehabilitation Center.

How big is the Grace Village Campus?

Grace Village covers 43 acres. Included in our community are 48 Robin Hood Home, 115 Independent Living Apartment, 52 Assisted Living Apartments, 77 skilled beds and 12 private rooms in our rehab center. Over 350 people call Grace Village home.

Do I ever get any of my deposit back?

Please contact marketing direct at 574-372-6291.

Do I have to make an initial investment to live at Grace Village?

No, we have several financial options available to our residents including renting.

Is smoking allowed at Grace Village?

No, in consideration to the health of our residents, Grace Village has a no smoking policy.

Am I allowed to have overnight guests?

We love it when family and friends come to visit our residents. They are welcomed to stay in your condo or independent apartment. We also have guest rooms that may be reserved for your company.

What dining options do I have?

You can choose to cook your own meals in your apartment or condo, or you can dine in our beautiful dining room. Breakfast, lunch and dinner are served every day. There is always a special of the day, but you may also order from the menu. Discounted meal plans are available.

Do you have any “snowbirds” living at Grace Village?

Yes, we have many residents that fly south for the winter. A discount rate is given to them during that time period.

What maintenance is included when you live in a Robin Hood Condominium?

Exterior maintenance of the dwelling itself is included plus lawn care and snow and ice removal. The interior maintenance includes heating and air conditioning, plumbing and all appliances that belong to Grace Village. All major appliances are included in the condominiums.

How can I help continue the mission of Grace Village?

Grace Village is a not for profit organization and there are several opportunities to help. For further information see our Giving Opportunities section.

What is the difference between Independent Living and Assisted Living

Residents who live in the independent apartments on our campus are responsible and capable of their own affairs, including their personal and financial need. The residents of assisted living require a helping hand. We provide services that focus on maximizing each person’s capabilities. Individual assistance is given on a regular basis such as personal grooming, scheduling and transportation to doctor’s appointments and administration of medications and treatments. Laundry and housekeeping is also provided.

Residential Care

Are meals included in the cost?

Yes. All meals are included in your monthly fee service.

Are the apartments furnished?

Residents provide their own furnishings. Bringing the comforts of home to their new home makes the transition much easier for our new residents.

Can I still have my car if I live in Assisted Living?

There are residents that still drive and have their own cars in assisted  living.

Are electric scooters permitted in Assisted Living

Yes, many of our residents use electric scooters.

Will a nurse be present 24 hours a day?

Yes. A LPN and a direct care provider supervise the health and care of all residents’ twenty-four hours a day, seven days a week.

Will medications be given to residents?

Yes. As a licensed assisted living facility, we are qualified to give medications to the residents. Medications are distributed according to the resident’s physician’s orders.

Do residents receive assistance with showers?

Yes. Our residents may receive assistance with up to 3 showers per week if needed. It is the resident’s choice on whether or not to receive the assistance.

Health Care

What is the difference between skilled care and intermediate care?

Skilled care is for those coming from the hospital that are in need of short-term therapy. Intermediate care is for long-term residents that need nursing care on a twenty-four hour basis.

Does Grace Village have private rooms?

Yes. We have several private rooms with their own bathrooms.

Can I bring personal belongings?

Yes. Grace Village encourages families to bring personal belongings with them. This helps to recreate the home-like sentiment that is necessary for resident’s peace of mind.

Will Medicare and Insurance cover any of the cost?

Medicare Part A will cover costs for skilled care. Medicare Part B will cover therapy for intermediate care. Many insurance policies are simply Medicare supplements and will not cover intermediate care costs. Insurance policies Vary widely. Please check with your insurance provider to see if long-term services are covered.

Rehabilitation Services

Will Medicare pay for my stay?

After a 3 midnight qualifying stay in the hospital, individuals having Medicare are qualified for up to a 100 day benefit period.

How does my Medicare supplemental insurance help?

Medicare will pay for the first 20 days of your benefit in full (100%) and the remaining 80 have a nationwide Medicare co-pay amount (the amount Medicare will not pay) of $128/day, which most Medicare supplemental insurance plans cover (each person would have to call his own insurance carrier to verify benefits). Medicare supplemental insurance plans pay when Medicare pays and won’t pay when Medicare stops paying.

How many days a week will I receive therapy?

Residents will receive therapy 5 to 6 days a week.

How many hours a day will I receive therapy?

Residents will receive up to 2-1/2 hours of therapy a day.

Will I receive Physical Therapy and Occupational Therapy? What about Speech Therapy?

You will receive therapy according to what your physician orders. Most residents coming to our Rehab Center receive at least Physical and Occupational therapy.

Will I get 100 days?

Medicare allows UP TO a 100 day benefit period. Medicare (and any Medicare Supplemental insurance) will pay up to 100 days as long as an individual is making progress in therapy or is receiving some other skilled nursing service.

What is the average length of stay in the Rehab Center?

The average length of stay in our Rehab Center is between 4-6 weeks; however, it is your physician’s decision as to when you can be discharged.

Can I visit my loved one during a therapy session?

Yes! Our therapy department would love to have you visit your loved one during a therapy session. This not only encourages your loved one, but also allows the therapists to get your input as well.

How will my doctor know about my progress?

After your therapist has completed your initial evaluation, he will develop an individualized plan of care with specific goals. This plan of care is sent to your physician for his approval. Our facility will let your doctor know how well you are progressing toward your goals. More frequent updates will be sent to your physician upon his request. It is his decision as to when you are ready to be discharged.

How will I know when I’m getting close to discharge?

The therapists will keep you, as well as your family, updated on your progress. The social worker will plan for your discharge the closer you get to achieving your therapy goals.

How do you ensure my safety at home after I discharge?

When you are close to your discharge date, a therapist will set-up a home evaluation. Your family member will take you to your home and the therapist will follow you there. The therapist will have a list of items that he will ask you to perform in order to make sure that you are safe to return home. The therapist may give some suggestions on things that need to be completed prior to you returning home (i.e. throw rugs being removed, grab bars in the shower, ramp going into your home, etc.).

After I discharge, what services are available to me?

There are several services available to you when you are discharged. Your social worker will discuss with you, and your family, the needs you have and arrange for services according to those needs. Some of the services available are: outpatient therapy at Grace Village, Home Health Care, Life Line, and Meals on Wheels.

If I need outpatient therapy, does my insurance cover it?

If you have Medicare Part B, it will pay 80% of outpatient therapy charges. Most Medicare Supplemental insurance plans will cover the remaining 20%; however, each person would need to call his insurance carrier and verify benefits.

How do I schedule my appointment?

After you have an order from your physician for outpatient therapy, just call 574-372-6372 to schedule your first appointment.

What do I bring to my first appointment?

You will need to bring the physician’s order for outpatient therapy and your insurance card(s) with you to your first appointment.

What should I wear to my therapy appointments?

We suggest wearing anything comfortable which would allow you to have full movement of all of your extremities.

How long are my therapy sessions?

Each therapy session last approximately 1 hour.