Nursing Care


In today’s environment, selecting a healthcare provider may be challenging. Many healthcare providers promise a variety of services and quality care. Unfortunately, as routinely pointed out by the media, not all healthcare providers live up to their claims. Grace Village has developed a health center built upon core principles enabling it to provide a unique approach to healthcare for seniors.

  • Competent and Compassionate Staff – The staff of the healthcare center understand the importance of professional development and keeping updated on the latest methods of care for seniors. Grace Village offers staff development opportunities for its entire staff from the direct caregiver to administrator. Without compassion, competency alone will not satisfy the job requirements of any employee at Grace Village. The health center is blessed with a uniquely compassionate staff.
  • Family and Community Involvement – Residents and their families are welcome to attend a variety of community sponsored activities and events. The healthcare center prepares a monthly calendar of these events. Families are encouraged to visit as frequently as their time will allow. Families are also encouraged to play an important part in developing and maintaining the residents’ plan of care.
  • Comfortable Environment – Warm and comfortable environments enhance the healing of the body, calm the spirit, and ease the mind. The healthcare center offers beautifully carpeted halls and rooms. A fascinating bird aviary, an inviting chapel, an upscale dining room, and an immaculate bathing room are just some of the environmental enhancements. Enjoy the beauty of the outdoors while taking a walk in our completely secured outdoor courtyard equipped with pavilions and walking paths.
    The compassionate and competent staff of the healthcare center understands that each resident comes to us with a life filled with past experience, talents, and contributions. With this knowledge, the staff will develop an individualized plan of care for each resident. The plan of care is reviewed routinely by an interdisciplinary team and if appropriate, revised to meet the residents current needs.

Individualized Nursing Care is crucial in serving the needs of each resident who comes to us. Regaining strength and recuperating from an illness or surgery can be a stressful and difficult time. When you choose Grace Village’s skilled-care facility, the recuperation process is planned to assist our residents in the journey to recovery.

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