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Rehabilitation Services

Caring Restorative Therapy

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Flexibility. Mobility. Recovery.

Occupational Therapy

Common Occupational Therapy Goals

Restore, maintain, or improve daily living skills.
Participate as fully as possible in meaningful work, leisure, and social activities.
Prevent further deterioration through techniques such as energy conservation and joint protection.
Access community resources and services to help promote independence.
Become proactive in their own lives through activities and attitudes focused on wellness.
Organize their living environment and make sure of adaptations that promote safety.
Identify their strengths and abilities and use them to compensate for losses.

Physical Therapy

Common Physical Therapy Goals

Improve recovery of function after joint replacement surgery
Restore or improve the ability to ambulate and function
Pain reduction
Education and prevention of future injury

Speech Therapy

Common Speech Therapy Goals

Communicate wants and needs effectively
Ability to understand those around you
Ability to be independent and function on the least restricted diet possible
Focus on higher executive functioning
A warm Christian environment with genuine care for everyone there. Great people and a great place to be, always something going on.

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Embracing Your Community

A Warm Welcome For All Seniors 55+

Varied Living Options

Community Engagement

Complete Care

Spiritual Growth

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Will Medicare pay for my stay?

How does my Medicare supplemental insurance help?

How many days a week will I receive therapy?

Will I receive Physical Therapy and Occupational Therapy? What about Speech Therapy?

Will I get 100 days?

What is the average length of stay in the Rehab Center?

Can I visit my loved one during a therapy session?

How will my doctor know about my progress?

How will I know when I’m getting close to discharge?

After I discharge, what services are available to me?

If I need outpatient therapy, does my insurance cover it?

How do I schedule my appointment?

What do I bring to my first appointment?

What should I wear to my therapy appointments?

How long are my therapy sessions?


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